Vanilla Chocolate Caramels - 4.4lb

Vanilla Chocolate Caramels - 4.4lb
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With a swirl of vanilla and chocolate inside a melty caramel, these Vanilla Chocolate Caramels are truly divine. Plus, their see-through cellophane wrapper allows you to see the beauty of the candy before you snack. You can't knock a classic. And these Vanilla Chocolate Caramels are definitely something no one will be able to slander once they take a taste.

Since these candies are wrapped individually, they make a perfect sweet for candy bowls for your family to frequent, they look great scattered in gift baskets, they also are perfect for putting in your purse or office desk drawer to snack on whenever you need a pick-me-up. If you're a fan of caramels and the classic flavors of vanilla and chocolate, then Vanilla Chocolate Caramels are going to make you and your taste buds very happy!

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