Very Cherry Jelly Belly - 10lb

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400 beans per pound

Price per pound: $9.00

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Are you a hopeless romantic? Well, we have the candy to match your mushy heart! These little Very Cherry Jelly Belly jelly beans are the color of love and know how to treat a taste bud right with their bursting wild cherry flavor and classic Jelly Belly gummy chew. Around since 196, these amazing Jelly Belly cherry beans are one of their original flavors and it's no wonder why. They're the perfect addition to Valentine's Day gifts, used as a romantic decoration on baked goods, and even packed into bags to be given to loved ones as gifts. See for yourself why these candies are so loved with this delicious bag of very cherry jelly beans today.

Certified Kosher Candy

SKU: F314446

400 beans per pound

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