Swirly Fish Candy Vidal - 4.4lb

Swirly Fish Candy Vidal - 4.4lb
  • $29.99

Vibrant fish-shaped gummies offer tantalizing taste and smooth texture in assorted fruity flavors for candy buffets.

333 pieces per pound (1465.2 total)

Price per pound: $6.82

Product Details

Bring some aquatic fun to snack time with our brilliant Swirly Fish gummies! This exciting treat is extremely colorful and full of personality. Move over boring old gummy bears and worms, because these wiggly little fish candies are ready to flood your candy stash! Each piece includes a playful fish shape with wide tail fin and tapered body.

Our Vidal Swirly Fish gummies come in a variety of vibrant colors, including green, orange, yellow, blue and red. Along with a solid hue, each gummy fish is also adorned in eye-catching white swirls that wrap around it from head to tail. Every bite is super chewy and oh-so-sweet so you get everything you love in a gummy treat! Our unique fish gummies in bulk are the best way to get quantities for parties, picnics, school activities and community events. Children will love the bright colors and fun shape while adults will enjoy the soft, chewy texture that makes Vidal's fish gummies so delicious!

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333 pieces per pound (1465.2 total)

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