Vidal Watermelon Jell Fruit Slice - 4.4lb

Vidal Watermelon Jell Fruit Slice - 4.4lb
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Taste summer's sweetest fruit in these mouthwatering candies!

Price per pound: $4.77

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If just looking at the picture of Vidal Watermelon Jell Fruit Slice candy is making a little drool form in the corner of your mouth, you are not alone. Most agree you can almost taste summer's sweetest fruit at the mere sight of these mouthwatering candies.

They are just as delicious as the real thing, only a lot more convenient to eat. Plus, you don't have to pick out any seeds! These watermelon fruit slices look just like you took slices of watermelon, shrunk them into bite size pieces, and lightly dusted them in sugar.

They are just as attractive as they are tasty, and sure to be a hit at your next party. Pour these in a candy bowl and folks won't be able to get enough of them. They're perfect for summer weddings and kids' parties, too.

Trying to watch your weight? You can enjoy four of these sweet treats for only 86 calories, and they are completely fat-free. Vidal Watermelon Jell Fruit Slice candies are charming and delicious versions of summertime's favorite fruit.

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