Violet Crumble - 42ct Box

Violet Crumble - 42ct Box
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Enjoy a little slice of Australia with a Violet Crumble!

1.7 ounces per bar

Price per bar: $4.79

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Enjoy a little slice of Australia with a Violet Crumble! This classic candy bar is made close to Melbourne by the famous Nestle company.

The origins of this tasty snack date back to 1913 with the creation of Hoadley's Chocolates LTD. That year, the company produced its first assortment of delectable chocolates, which were packaged in purple boxes with violets in honor of the founder's wife's favorite blossom.

This sweet candy bar's name was originally supposed to be Crumble, but was changed to Violet Crumble because the first name was already trademarked. Each bar includes a rich honeycomb toffee that's blanketed in a smooth layer of rich chocolate. A single bar is packaged individually in a dark purple wrapper, harkening back to the very first chocolates made by Hoadley's!

Our bulk Violet Crumble box contains many individual full size candy bars so you always have one ready to enjoy. Eat them as an easy snack or share with loved ones and let others experience the delights of the Violet Crumble!

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1.7 ounces per bar

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