Wack-O-Wax Assorted Flavor Wax Lips - 24ct

Wack-O-Wax Assorted Flavor Wax Lips - 24ct CandyStore.com
  • $92.99

Perfect for Halloween costumes!

Price per lips: $3.87

Product Details

Perfect for Halloween Costumes! Wack-o-Wax Lips is the fake pout you can put in your mouth! Each piece is a new color and flavor and shaped like a dramatic pair of luscious lips. A short ridge along the back provides a convenient place to bite down to hold your artificial smackers in place. Everyone will have a good laugh pouting for the camera with these novelty candies! Each is made of grape, orange, lemon, apple, or blueberry flavored wax so you can chew away when you're done playing.

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