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If you love nutty treats, but crave something different, our bulk supply of Walnettos Candy is for you. This wonderful-tasting walnut-flavored caramel candy will literally dissolve in your mouth, if you can resist the urge to chew, which is not easy to do! Why should almonds have all the fun? Everywhere you look you see candy products with this popular nut. Everyone knows that walnuts are the most satisfying member of the tree nut family.

Walnettos are not a new candy as some might think. It was way back in 1919 when they were introduced to the American population and instantly became one of the most popular candies purchased in movie theaters throughout the country. Walnettos Candy is also voted a favorite by the United States Military. These yummy treats are included in MREs as a special dessert because they don't melt in hot temperatures. Yes, you finally have a treat to take camping or carry in your backpack for a pick-me-up on a hike. Walnettos Candy is certified kosher, too.

Certified Kosher Candy

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