Double Drops Warheads Sour Candy - 24ct

Double Drops Warheads Sour Candy - 24ct
  • $75.99

Interactive liquid sour candy with assorted fruity flavors in bold counter display bottles for a sour kick.

Price per unit: $3.17

Product Details

Liquid candy is a great delivery method for strong flavors that really make their presence known! Knock-you-over sour is the stock in trade of Warheads candies, and wholesale Warheads Double Drops make sure you really notice the boldness of this iconic sour candy brand's recipe.

This novelty candy is packaged in awesome bottles that challenge you to handle the punch they pack. They're always phenomenal party favors, and they provide a great taste sensation whenever your sweets just don't feel explosive enough to wake up your taste buds.

Hugely popular with teens, Warheads are satisfying snacks between classes (or meetings) because of their lasting, almost painfully sour sweetness. Bulk Warheads Double Drops bottles make that strong flavor even more convenient to get. Enjoy the twin brightly-colored liquid candies wherever you go for an experience that's memorable to any lover of the sour!

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