Warheads Extreme Sours - 10lb

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Each mouthful combines sweet and sour to give you a bit of both!

140 pieces per pound (1400 total)

Price per pound: $10.80

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Warheads candy have earned a reputation for ranking among the sourest confections out there. Each mouthful combines sweet and sour to give you a bit of both, but with more intensity than most candies.

The original Warhead was created in 19710 in Taiwan. This unique treat wasn't introduced to the United States until the 1990s. Once it got here it caught on quickly among candy lovers of all ages, especially those who craved something more extreme.

While classic Warheads are enough for some, others are ready to take things to the next level. That's where Warheads Extreme Sours comes in! This confection takes sour to the limit in an assortment of delicious flavors.

Each for watermelon, blue raspberry, lemon, black cherry and apple and prepare for an unstoppable onslaught of taste bud fury! Our bulk Warheads Extreme Sours package contains multiple pounds of individually wrapped pieces that are convenient for parties, picnics and events!

SKU: Y340107

140 pieces per pound (1400 total)

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