Watermelon Sugar Free Hard Candy - 5lb

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Vivid watermelon flavor with none of the guilt, it's sugar free!

120 pieces per pound

Price per pound: $26.40

Product Details

If you're not ready to "patch" things up with sugar after you've seen what it can do to your waist line, then these Watermelon GoLightly Sugar Free Hard Candies are just the sweet treat for you!

In lovely red wrappers, Watermelon GoLightlys may look indulgent, but they aren't a bit! Individually wrapped, you can control how many you eat and suck on them guiltlessly because they are free of diet-ruining sugar. Give yourself a treat for living a healthy lifestyle with some of these Watermelon GoLightly Sugar Free Hard Candies. Order yourself a bulk bag today!

Certified Kosher Candy

SKU: F315125

120 pieces per pound

Allergen Info

Food allergens: None. Sweetener: Splenda. Gluten Free - Golightly is Gluten Free, making it safe for Celiacs. Gluten is found in forms of wheat and Golightly candy does not use wheat, rye, oats or barley.

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