Watermelon Taffy - 3lb

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72 pieces per pound (216 total)

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Why didn't the apple want to be friends with the watermelon? Because he was ''melon-dramatic!'' We however, think you'll want to be friends with this patch-growing fruit. That's because our Watermelon Taffy is adorable and delicious. Shaped and colored to look like real watermelon, these chewy little taffies make the perfect addition to any summertime get together. Bring them to a backyard BBQ, add some to the top of a summertime dessert, even put some on the rim of a cool beverage for a delicious and cute garnish. You'll make a new ''patch'' of friends with an order of these!

Certified Kosher Candy

SKU: F317407

72 pieces per pound (216 total)

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