Whatchamacallit Bar - 36ct

Whatchamacallit Bar - 36ct CandyStore.com
  • $75.99

Incredible combination of caramel, peanut flavored crisps and milk chocolate!

1.6 ounces per bar

Price per unit: $2.11

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Even though these are called Whatchamacallit Bars, we doubt you'll have any trouble recalling their name! That's because these candy bars are an incredible combination of caramel, peanut flavored crisps and milk chocolate.

Order some Whatchamacallit Bars if you'd like to try something new and delicious or if these candies are already one of your favorites. In this bulk order, you'll have enough Whatchamacallit Bars to keep to yourself and share with others. Just stick some into gift baskets, lunch boxes or use them to sell at concessions stands. These Whatchamacallit Bars are sure to be a real hit no matter what you do!

SKU: R336438

1.6 ounces per bar

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