White Chocolate Color Drops - 15lb

White Chocolate Color Drops - 15lb CandyStore.com
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Hard shell of white candy with interior chocolate discs!

500 pieces per pound

Price per pound: $10.60

Product Details

Chocolate gems are small candies that are just like M&Ms, with a chocolate filling in a candy shell , but without the brand name, they're a much more economical choice for filling a jar or rounding out a candy buffet! These bulk chocolate candies are smoothly coated in a solid white, hiding the darker shade of the chocolate inside behind a glossy shell that coordinates them with your home or party's look.

Simple white candies are great for making pricier colored chocolates go further to fill a space (in fact, they're great insurance if you're not sure of the right quantity), but they also look rather glamorous on their own! Nothing could be lovelier than white chocolate gem candies in a crystal bowl. Consider these little beauties of the candy world for a black-and-white refreshments table at a screen-queen table, or use them with other pale candies for creating a traditional look at a wedding that coordinates with classic lace and tulle.

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500 pieces per pound

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