White Gumballs - 2lb

White Gumballs - 2lb CandyStore.com
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60 gumballs per pound (120 total)

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Classic gumballs are delicious, but sometimes they just aren't the right choice for an event or project. When you want something a little different, try our elegant white gumballs!

This unique treat is the same on the inside but offers a whole new look on the outside. Take a bite and let your teeth sink into soft, chewy gum that's super sweet and sure to please the taste buds.

The outside of each pale orb includes a smooth candy shell that's pure white on all sides. There's no colors, markings or other distractions. You get a solid ball of white that's wonderful for a variety of uses. White looks stunning at weddings and baby showers.

Use these unusual gumballs to fill jars or dishes for guests or pour into tulle bags to make chewy wedding favors! They can also be used to decorate cakes and edible displays. White is perfect for winter events with a snow theme. Use your white gumballs alone or combine with any of our other bulk gumball packs!

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60 gumballs per pound (120 total)

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