Whoppers Candy Cartons - 12ct

Whoppers Candy Cartons - 12ct CandyStore.com
  • $48.99

Introducing, the original malted milk ball!

12 ounces per carton

Price per unit: $4.08

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Introducing, the original malted milk ball. We're talking about Whoppers and in these Whoppers Carton Boxes, you'll have a ton of crunchiness and chocolate-yness to munch on through every movie.

Stock up on some of these Whoppers Cartons and you won't only make any feature film more delicious, but you'll be able to dress up other events as well. Making a birthday cake? Try topping it with some of the candies from these Whoppers Theater Boxes and you'll have a whole new element of yumminess. You can even crush these up and sprinkle them over ice cream, add them to a milk shake or make little baggies for lunch boxes and snacks.

SKU: R329878

12 ounces per carton

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