Whoppers Malted Milk Balls Theater Size - 12ct

  • $32.99

The original malted milk balls in theater size boxes!

Price per box: $2.75

Product Details

Still emblazoned with the old-style red Whoppers logo in a timelessly simple design, Whoppers Theater Size Boxes make sure there are enough pieces of this all-too-shareable candy to get you through your movie - or your train ride!

Malted milk balls covered in chocolate have a sweet, rich start followed by a satisfying textured crunch. It is a candy to make you happy when you like classic ingredients in perfect pairings! For some people, Whoppers are a holiday treat, especially familiar in Easter baskets; for others, they are a nostalgic everyday snack. However you remember them, this classic chocolate malt candy is here to stay!

Bulk Whoppers theater boxes are great for a vintage-themed party, bringing a bit of the 1950s malt shop to a classic candy buffet or party favor, but this cardboard box would also be the perfect size for the side pocket of a backpack when you need a confectionery treat in the course of your day.

Certified Kosher Candy

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