Red Cherry Gummi Bears - 6.6lb

Red Cherry Gummi Bears - 6.6lb
  • $32.99

130 bears per pound (858 total)

Price per pound: $5.00

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Cherry gummy bears are great for any occasion. They are soft and chewy as well as a great red color that even adults love to take part in. These would make a great purchase for Valentine's Day or Christmas due to the fabulous red shade that they have.

When you bite into one of these gummy bears you are sure to find that the ripe flavor of cherry is more than enough to please your mouth. Since they come in a bulk bag it is sure to be enough to go around no matter what occasion you are using them for. If you are looking for a way to delight almost everyone then this is certainly one of the great candies that is able to do this. After all who doesn't like the way that these candies are so cute and fun? It is hard to beat the greatness of this wonderful product.

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130 bears per pound (858 total)

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