Pixy Stix Candy Straws - 12.5lb

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A whole bunch of Pixy Stix straws!

201 straws per pound (2500 total)

Price per unit: $0.06

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Pixy Stix are a classic candy that every kid knows how to eat. This confection has been around for generations. The very first version was created when J. Fish Smith realized that kids loved to eat the Frutola drink mix that was popular at the time.

He created a similar powder treat and added it to a disposable paper straw. Pixy Stix would go on to inspire other popular candies, like Lik-m-Aid and SweeTarts. Even today, Pixy Stix are still in demand and often make appearances at kid-friendly events. These Pixy Stix gives you a large assortment that features all the classic flavors.

Buy Pixy Stix in bulk to add to birthday party favors or use them to make the holidays extra special. From stocking stuffers to Easter basket filler, Pixy Stix are a great and affordable choice! Our enormous loose bulk pack is even convenient for schools and organizations who want to offer Pixy Stix as part of programs, activities and events.

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201 straws per pound (2500 total)

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