Spree Chewy Mixed Berry - 24ct

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Wonka's Spree chewy mixed berry candy offer a new take on this classic confection. The original Sprees were introduced during the 1960s and consisted of a compressed dextrose candy shaped into a solid disc.

Our mixed berry chewy Sprees offer a similar texture and taste but with the juicy flavor of sweet berries! Take a bite and enjoy strawberry, cherry, blue raspberry and mixed berry flavors. Bulk Spree candy is perfect for celebrations and gatherings. Each box contains individual packages that are convenient for sharing, gifting and more.

Use them to fill up birthday treat bags or use as stocking stuffers during the holidays. Hand them out during school activities or community events or open up and pour into a candy jar. Fruit lovers won't be able to resist the allure of this one-of-a-kind berry assortment! If you love the original then you need to try our chewy mixed berry Spree candy!

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