Yellow Chocolate Almonds 5lb

Yellow Chocolate Almonds 5lb
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What is it about the color yellow that plays with our emotions? Even on a gloomy day, yellow can brighten your mood like the sky lit up with an abundance of sunshine. This is exactly what these Yellow Chocolate Almonds are capable of.

Their fun color is enough to get you excited, but the thought of chocolate, almonds, and a candy shell is the trifecta that will have your taste buds dancing. It is nearly impossible to think of any occasion when Yellow Chocolate Almonds wouldn't be a hit in a candy dish.

Planning a baby shower for a mom-to-be who wants to be surprised at delivery? Yellow is the appropriate color and these are the perfect treats. They'll liven up any candy dish, and they can be poured into a gumball machine. Forget to buy chocolate topping for the ice-cream? Put a handful of these in a sealed plastic bag, hit them with something hard a dozen times, and you have a yellow chocolate crumble to sprinkle on top.

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