Yellow Chocolate Color Drops Candy - 15lb Bulk

Yellow Chocolate Color Drops Candy - 15lb Bulk
  • $158.99

Delicious chocolate buttons with a yellow candy coating to create colorful chocolate gift baskets.

500 pieces per pound

Price per pound: $10.60

Product Details

If the sun could be a candy we are sure it would want to transform into one of these vibrant Yellow Chocolate Gems. Just the sight of them is enough to invoke a smile.

Yellow is known as one of the most cheerful colors, which makes these yellow gems perfect for any celebration. From a summer wedding to an Easter gathering to a baby shower, these happy candies will fit right in.

Beauty isn't skin deep with these Yellow Chocolate Gems though. They are delicious, too! Milk chocolate gets a candy coated shell. We bet you can't eat just one. They are a great treat to munch on, but they're also ideal to use to dress up a cake, cupcakes, or sugar cookies. Making homemade ice-cream? Blend some of these with the rest of the ingredients. You get 15 pounds, which should satisfy your sweet tooth for a while.

SKU: K331004

500 pieces per pound

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