Yellow Rock Candy Crystal Sticks Banana - 36ct Tub

  • $49.99

A delicious tropical treat, these banana-flavored Espeez® rock candy lollipops come in an eye-catching clear plastic tub with individually wrapped treats. Perfect for candy buffets and impulse buys.

36 sticks per jar

Price per stick: $1.39

Product Details

When it comes to rock candy, we have all your favorite fruit flavors - including banana! Each piece includes a traditional wooden stick that helps keep your hands clean while you snack. The top half is covered in layers of gorgeous yellow sugar crystals. The faceted shape and smooth texture add a fun sparkle that is irresistible! Our bulk rock candy sticks are a must-have for parties, picnics, showers, and weddings.

SKU: K358243

36 sticks per jar

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