Yellow Sunflower Seeds Candy - 5lb Bulk

Yellow Sunflower Seeds Candy - 5lb Bulk
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It is impossible to look at Yellow Sunflower Seeds Candy, and not have a big smile on your face. If summer was a candy, this is what it would be. These cheerful tiny delights are perfect for baby showers, summertime gatherings, and kids' parties.

They are also perfect to use to fill plastic Easter eggs. If you are wondering how these candy sunflower seeds are made, we're still trying to figure this out, too. Magically, tantalizing seeds are perfectly coated in chocolate, and finished with a bright yellow candy shell.

We don't know how they come out so perfect, and quite honestly, we don't care! All we know is they taste good enough to become a serious addiction. Mix this Yellow Sunflower Seeds Candy with some of the other colors of chocolate-covered seeds here at CandyStore. com for a vibrant display.

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