Zotz 6 Flavors Assorted - 5lb

  • $52.99

Fizz power candy Zotz will shock your mouth with bursting flavor and fizzy fizz!

85 pieces per pound (425 total)

Price per pound: $10.60

Product Details

Zotz power candy will invigorate your taste buds with a sour and sweet fizzy combination! Each piece comes individually wrapped in blue, green, orange, pink, or purple packaging. Tear one open and enjoy hard candy with an extra bite! As soon as it touches your tongue, Zotz creates a fizzing sensation thanks to a powder coating. This Italian-made retro candy is a fun snack for kids and adults!

SKU: K321304

85 pieces per pound (425 total)

Flavor List

Cherry, Grape, Apple, Watermelon, Blue Raspberry & Orange

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