Your ultimate guide to candy trivia and facts!

America's Favorite Jelly Beans by State [Interactive Map]

By Clair Robins – Using the jelly bean sales data from the last 10 years and SurveyMonkey and Facebook polls of over 12,000 candy customers and followers, we ranked the most loved jelly bean flavors in all 50 states and the 32 most popular flavors nationally. We weighted sales and survey data at 90/10 respectively, and favored...

Our Top 10 Sugar-Free Snacks That Make up for Sugar in Flavor

At, we have thousands of candies on our shelves ranging from ooey-gooey and sinful to low-calorie and light. Since most people are trying to stick to New Year’s diets, we thought it’d be helpful to spotlight some of our top sugar-free bulk candies that only skimp on calories—not flavor—so you can find something tasty...

7 Reasons Why Your Business Should Send Candy To Clients This Holiday

You shop for your wife, kids, boyfriend, and great Aunt Mildred, so why not add your clients to your holiday shopping list? When done right, client gifts can wow and make a lasting impression. Need ideas? We’re a little bias, but candy is one of the best gifts for practically any occasion—especially year-end client gift...

Celeb Spotting! See Which Famous Singers & Musicians Love Famous Candy [infographic]

Sure, celebrities have fad diets, tight costumes to fit into, and revealing magazine shoots, but they’re human; Everyone needs a break from the rules for something sweet now and again! Whether you love them or hate them, check out which candies these top musicians, actors, and singers love most.  Miley Cyrus She grew up on...

Fun Candy Facts That Will Blow Your Mind + INFOGRAPHIC

You might be able to rattle off the names of a bunch of candies, but do you know anything else about them? Here, you’ll find a ton of fun facts about your favorite sweets. Brush up on your candy trivia and learn a new thing or two with our original infographic (below) and trivia fact breakdown...

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