holidays — Valentine's Day

Most Popular Valentine's Candy by State

Discover your state's favorite Valentine's Day candy with an interactive candy map of America, featuring 15 years of sales data. Hover over a state to reveal the top-selling candy.

The New SweetHearts Are 65% Blank, Have No Words On Them

Sweethearts conversation hearts candy are back, but production issues mean 65% of them are completely blank, and only 3% of them look right.

Top Valentine's Candy by State & Nationwide [Interactive Map]

It's expected that $1.7 Billion will be spent on candy for the sweetest holiday. Here are the top Valentine's Day candies by state.

The 20 Worst Valentine’s Day Conversation Heart Sayings

Browsing the #rejectedcandyhearts section on Twitter is entertaining (albeit, really inappropriate depending on the submission, so reader discretion is advised!) After reading these, you’ll be happy your store-bought Necco conversation hearts are polite and sweet because these sure aren’t! And if you’d like to get a  custom candy heart message to share with friends, head.

Leftover Conversation Hearts from Valentine’s Day? These 12 Delightful Recipes Will Put Them to Work.

Valentine’s Day is over, but you probably still have bags and bags of leftover conversation hearts. Don’t let their messages go unsaid! Instead, transform them into the following crafts, recipes, experiments, and body scrubs. Chatty Cocktail You might get a little talkative when you get a few drinks in you, so imagine how loquacious you’ll.

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