Celebrate National Chocolate Cake Day With 8 Candy-Covered Recipes

Recipes for National Chocolate Cake Day with Candy

Chocolate was discovered by the Aztecs 3,100 years ago, but people have certainly made up for lost time with the 2.8 billion pounds Americans consume every year! While we all can enjoy chocolate every day, National Chocolate Cake Day calls for extra celebration, so here are some recipes you can make at home to indulge and pig out.

Hershey's Double Chocolate Cake

If a single dose of chocolate isn't enough for your chocolate-loving soul, try this double chocolate cake! Made with the king of chocolates (Hershey's) it's truly decadent and divine.

Hershey's chocolate cake recipe


Not sure how to recreate bakery-worthy chocolate ribbons like this baker did? All you need is a knife or vegetable peeler! Use a bar of chocolate and work the peeler down the side like you would if you were peeling a carrot. Do it directly over the cake and let the pieces fall naturally onto the wet frosting.

Andes Mint Chocolate Cake

Mint and chocolate are so yummy together and this Andes mint chocolate cake is even more amazing. There's just something about making mint icing green that makes it taste better!

This cake is a little more advanced since it has layers and takes time to frost in the elegant and perfect way the baker did above. However, no matter how your cake turns out there's no way it won't be delicious if you include the mint and chocolate in this recipe.

Peppermint Cake Mix Cookies

Did you know you can use a boxed cake mix to make brownie-like cookies? You can! And this chocolate cake mix cookie recipe is so easy and amazing, using a store-bought mix will be your new favorite baking trick.

Peppermint cake mix cookies National chocolate cake day


Have leftover candy canes from Christmas? This is the perfect recipe to use them up. Just put them in a plastic bag and smash them up with a hammer. Or, use a food processor to do the dirty work for you.

Chocolate Caramel Turtle Cake

Traditional turtle truffles or recipes have chocolate, caramel, and nuts. This turtle cake gives you and overdose of those ingredients in one of the most savory and sweet recipes we've seen.

We suggest saving lots of room for this dessert by eating light beforehand! Or better yet, have a National Chocolate Cake Day party and have everyone bring their favorite dish so you can sample a bite of everything.

Chocolate Snickers Cake

Nut-lovers and chocolate fiends can come together with this incredible chocolate Snickers cake. It uses real chopped up Snickers bars, chocolate buttercream, peanut butter frosting, and more amazingness.

This cake is also amazing when made as a sheet cake and cut into bars. Then, you can freeze them and eat as needed (or wanted), or break them out when guests come over unexpectedly.

Three Musketeers Chocolate Cake

Three Musketeers chocolate bars have fluffy nougat and melty milk chocolate, and this cake is a pretty spot-on replication. You'll create a mousse-like icing and light chocolate cake in this yummy recipe.

We love that this baker used a dollop of whipped cream and mint garnish for this dessert, but a drizzle of caramel or raspberry sauce would be tasty too.

Chocolate Orange Cake

Chocolate and orange is a vibrant combination that complements each other splendidly. However, we think the zest that this candied orange peel brings to the table in this recipe steals the show.

Not sure how to make candied orange peels or where to get them? Here's a quick recipe you can use. Or, stop by your local candy shop to see if they have any in stock.

Mounds Cake

Mounds bars combine chocolate and coconut in a fluffy and amazing way. Lucky for you, so does this cake. Celebrate National Chocolate Cake Day in style when you make this sinful chocolate coconut cake for you and your guests.

Mounds chocolate and coconut cake


We hope you enjoy National Chocolate Cake Day in all its decadent glory (and without getting a stomach ache). If you make any of these recipes or have suggestions of your own, please share in the comments section below. We always love seeing fellow candy-lovers' recipes and experiences.

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