Chupa Chups Candy

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From the beginning, all Enric Bernat wanted to make was lollipops. He had the idea that they were the ideal candy for kids, who liked to take sticky candies out of their mouths to examine them. The self-styled bonbon with a stick turned into a local hit in Spain, with international distribution coming in the 70s. The greatest break for Chupa Chups came in 1969, when famed artist Salvador Dali created a new logo for the company. That spawned its first true marketing campaign. Bernat also emphasized placement as a marketing tool, encouraging shop owners to put his lollipops on the counter where children could grab them, therefore encouraging their parents to buy. Today Chupa Cups also make and distribute bubble gum and toys to go along with their signature lollipops. Bernat's son, Xavier, remains CEO.

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