Genius Types Lays out the Bulk Candy Vending Biz

Ever think of how much money those little candy vending machines at the car wash make? …the ones with the gumballs or Mike & Ikes in them. Like a lot of people, you probably either thought they are making peanuts or killing themselves filling up vending machines all over the city every day. You would be wrong! They make amazing margins and the service is nothing.

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Ok, the service isn't nothing, but it's crazy minimal. Brain Lee from GeniusTypes lays it down the discount bulk candy vending biz for you in amazing detail. He goes through step by step what it took him to set up his own bulk candy vending business. He lays out:

* The ah-hah moment he had that convinced him to get started
* which types of candies you can get the best margins for
* how to build your client base of stores and business locations to place your vending machines, and
* cracks jokes about how he could take "_x009d_6 weeks vacation"_x009d_ (!!) if he wanted and his candy business wouldn't miss a beat.

When I read his article on GeniusTypes, I had to agree with every word. We hear from our customers all the time about how much freedom and independence (and money!) they've gained from starting their own bulk candy business. All it takes is a good plan (which Brain has provided for you, thanks B!), and a little motivation to get started. He's got that part covered too.

Here's a little snippet of his article to get your juices flowing:

"The startup costs are extremely low, the return on investment is fantastic, and the amount of maintenance required to sustain a consistent cashflow is so low, I consider it passive income. Plus, everyone loves the candy man!"_x009d_

Can't argue with that logic, Brian.

So, get going and earn yourself some extra money, some more free time, and a little extra love from everyone you meet when you tell them you're the candy man! …or sugar momma, for you ladies!

What concerns would you have about starting a bulk candy vending business?


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