Jelly Bean Art

This is extraordinary. The art forms conceptualized using jelly beans as the medium is phenomenal and it's all available for view in the Jelly Belly Bean Art Gallery. The gallery boasts three main rooms comprising Famous People, American History & Political Figures and Icons & Other Cool Stuff. A tour through the jelly bean gallery leaves one speechless.

The Famous People jelly bean art room boasts uncannily real images of classic and contemporary famous people including jelly bean pioneers, innovators, royalty and celebrities. Some of the familiar faces in the room include Marilyn Munroe, George Clooney, Amelia Earnhardt, Chief Rainbow Tree, Diana; Princess of Wales, Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, Margaret Thatcher, Elvis Presley, James Dean, Larry King and Laurel & Hardy amongst the many illustrious names of fame. Images in this jelly bean gallery are all approximately four feet by four feet and one can only imagine how many jelly beans per image.

The American History and Political Figures gallery has an amazing George Washington, Abraham Lincoln, Ronald Reagan and other American presidents posing in front of the American flag (jelly bean of course). As well, this gallery has brilliant jelly bean images of Martin Luther King Jr, Benjamin Franklin, General Doolittle and other extraordinary images of great Americans.

The final jelly bean room is the Icon & Other Cool stuff gallery which is an understatement of what there is to see; Minnie Mouse, American Gothic, the Statue of Liberty and the American Bald Eagle are all recreated in jelly beans for the amazement and delight of visitors. The gallery can be browsed by visitors online or in person in Fairfield, California, or down Jelly Belly Lane in Wisconsin. Both galleries offer more jelly bean art than is available in the online galleries.

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