Jelly Bean Refrigerator – How Many Can It Hold?

Who doesn't want a refrigerator filled with Jelly Beans? When LG presented their latest refrigerator at the recent CES ("Consumer Electronics Show"_x009d_?), they must have known my family was on the market for a new fridge. They filled it with a billion jelly beans!

jelly beans in a refrigerator

Ok, not quite a billion, but 264,863 is a very large number of jelly beans. Colorful, sweet and delicious, these candies are not normally kept in the ol' ice box, but if you were to want to do just that, this LG appliance can hold an awfully lot of them. …as this photo from Gizmodo illustrates.

The 31 cubic feet refrigerator is the largest capacity fridge in the LG lineup and also holds other foods like milk, lettuce and frozen tacos. Not that my kids care much about those things. Now that they've seen this fridge, I think we're pretty sure they're pulling jelly beans off the warehouse shelf right now with a forklift…

If you would like to buy this fridge, check it out at LG's website, and check out our bulk jelly beans page to fill it up.

Image and story from Gizmodo

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