Music and Candy

The count-down to Valentine's Day is truly on and for those who want to make a huge impression, it's pressure time. If you have musical talent though, you are in luck and the battle is half won. Nothing will melt a woman's heart (or a man's) like a box of chocolates or flowers and a serenade. So get out your instruments and start tuning up because these are the most romantic and sexy love song suggestions and you may want to take a week to practice!

This one is short and sweet and will surely melt his or her heart. The song is by Candy Dulfer and it's called, What Does it Take.

What does it take
To win your love for me
How can I make
This dream come true for me

Ooh I just got to know
Oh baby cause I love you so

I tried I tried I tried I tried
Every way I could
To make you see how much I love you
I thought you understood

Oh, I gotta make you see
What does it take to win
Your love for me

For the rapper or rockier music artist keen to put the love and the candy in the music, nothing will tell her how you feel like Candy by Kool Moe Dee. The part we can print (it is a bit forward) goes like this…

It's like a million chocolate candy bars, chocolate kiss
But you go better with nut, so put me into your mix
I make it chunky but funky, a chocolate kiss with a twist
Cause I'm addicted like a junk food junkie, honey's my fix
Since I'm Kool as ice cream maybe one day
I make your love come down and make a sundae
For breakfast, lunch or dinner you're a tasty treat
Too much dessert can't hurt, come taste and eat
Freak freak y'all, to the beat y'all
I'm droppin on honey like free fall
Happy as a kid inside a candy shop

This song is slightly more suggestive and a good option for a valentine love you know quite well rather than a first date!

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