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Feb 2, 2024 By Ben George

Valentine's Day is upon us once more, bringing with it the celebration of love in all its forms. As we prepare to shower our dearest with tokens of affection, an important question lingers: Which candy will reign supreme in the hearts of each state this year? Fear not, we have delved into the latest trends and data to bring you the definitive guide to 2024's most popular Valentine's candy across the nation.

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Top Christmas Candy By State

Check out the interactive map above to reveal our latest findings: the top three most popular Christmas candies in each state. Non-mobile users can hover over their state to reveal these sweet details.

Christmas isn't just about candy, of course – the holiday season is so much more. Yet, the presence of candy is undeniable, from baking and decorating to crafting with kids. All these activities often involve a sweet treat or two.

Do candy canes dangle from your Christmas tree? Are candy bars a staple in your stockings? Perhaps you enjoy adorning snowman cookies with colorful sprinkles and peppermint candies? Well, you're not alone in these festive traditions. :)

So, what are the most popular Christmas candies in your area? It's an interesting mix that differs from state to state.

As an online bulk candy retailer, we've tapped into the insights of our customers to uncover these sweet preferences. This year, we gathered opinions from over 16,000 respondents. Additionally, we consulted with major candy manufacturers and distributors to ensure our findings reflect broader market trends.

The results, showcased in the candy map above, are intriguing. Scroll down for some key highlights, but first, let's delve into the broader picture.

Holiday Spending Forecast

The National Retail Federation (NRF) forecasts a significant rise in holiday spending for November and December 2023, expecting a 3% to 4% increase over the previous year, potentially reaching up to $966.6 billion.

This growth mirrors pre-pandemic levels, buoyed by strong household finances despite inflation and higher interest rates. NRF President and CEO Matthew Shay emphasizes the readiness of retailers to meet consumer demands during this peak shopping season.

A noteworthy trend is the continued rise in online and non-store sales, projected to increase by 7% to 9%, amounting to between $273.7 billion and $278.8 billion. The NRF notes the resilience of consumers, propelled by solid job and wage growth, which will likely keep spending steady, though at a slower pace compared to the pandemic boom years. 

The latest NRF survey puts food and candy as a top item on consumers' shopping lists, ranking significantly at 29% (toys came in at 37%). This indicates a strong inclination towards gifting candy and edible treats, reflecting a broader trend in holiday spending.

The Worst Christmas Candy Ranked

The WORST Christmas Candy

Survey results rank most hated candy during the holidays.

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And now on to the results of our interactive map. Here are a few interesting insights we can gather.

Peppermint Bark Bounces Back

Peppermint bark has rebounded. It dropped a whopping six #1 spots last year after a strong 2021. This year it regained 3, flexing its strength throughout the midwest. Why do the midwesterners love Peppermint bark so much?? 

And don't forget, we are not even taking into account the homemade bark made in your own kitchens. You know how midwestern moms love to bake (bake bark?).

Now, the bark has not regained their biggest previous conquests: California and Texas. If they can manage that next year, they will be the clear kings of Christmas candy. 

Candy Canes Also Bounce

Candy canes fell last year, and similarly to peppermint bark, they have rebounded this year. Thanks mostly to two New England states, candy canes have made a respectable improvement. Candy canes are newly #1 New Hampshire and Vermont and looking strong going into the holidays. 

But candy canes are not the universally-loved Christmas candy you might think. They are often found on the WORST Christmas candy list, in fact. People who don't like them cite reasons like they can be messy to eat, hard to unwrap in one whole piece and, once sucked on for a while, become sharp and dangerous.

But a lot of people still love them. Me included.

Starburst Keeps Rising

Starbursts don't seem like a particularly traditional holiday candy, but who knows what those crazy kids are up to nowadays. Starburst didn't gain any new #1 spots this year, but they did pick up five new overall top 3 spots. This may not seem all that spectacular, but remember we're talking about Starburst. At Christmas.  

Which Christmas holiday candy does your state loves the most? Let us know what you think in the comments below.

State By State

State Top Holiday Candy
2nd Place 3rd Place
AK Chocolate Santas Candy Canes Reese's Pieces
AL Reindeer Corn Candy Canes Peppermint Bark
AR Starburst Snickers Peppermint Bark
AZ Reese's Cup Minis Hershey Kisses KitKat
CA Reese's Cup Minis Peppermint Bark Hershey Kisses
CO Reese's Cup Minis Hershey Kisses Reese's Pieces
CT Starburst Candy Canes Reese's Pieces
DC Snickers Candy Canes M&M's
DE Starburst Candy Canes Reindeer Corn
FL Snickers Reese's Cup Minis KitKat
GA Starburst Candy Canes Reindeer Corn
HI Starburst Hershey Kisses Candy Canes
IA Peppermint Bark M&M's Reese's Cup Minis
ID M&M's Hershey Kisses Chocolate Santas
IL Peppermint Bark Hershey Kisses M&M's
IN Starburst Reese's Cup Minis KitKat
KS Peppermint Bark Hershey Kisses Candy Canes
KY Reese's Cup Minis M&M's KitKat
LA Candy Canes KitKat Starburst
MA KitKat Starburst Reese's Cup Minis
MD Reese's Cup Minis Candy Canes Reese's Pieces
ME Hershey Kisses Chocolate Santas Reese's Cup Minis
MI Peppermint Bark Reindeer Corn Reese's Cup Minis
MN Peppermint Bark Hershey Kisses Reese's Cup Minis
MO Peppermint Bark Hershey Kisses Starburst
MS Chocolate Santas Candy Canes Reindeer Corn
MT Reese's Pieces Reindeer Corn Reese's Cup Minis
NC Snickers Starburst Reindeer Corn
ND Chocolate Santas Reindeer Corn Reese's Cup Minis
NE Peppermint Bark M&M's Hershey Kisses
NH Candy Canes M&M's Reese's Cup Minis
NJ Skittles Reese's Cup Minis Candy Canes
NM Chocolate Santas Pez Candy Canes
NV Peppermint Bark Starburst Candy Canes
NY Snickers Candy Canes Reese's Cup Minis
OH Chocolate Santas Hershey Kisses Peppermint Bark
OK KitKat Candy Canes Reindeer Corn
OR Candy Canes Reese's Cup Minis Snickers
PA Reese's Cup Minis Candy Canes Reindeer Corn
RI Peppermint Bark Reindeer Corn M&M's
SC M&M's Peppermint Bark Pez
SD Hershey Kisses Chocolate Santas Peppermint Bark
TN Peppermint Bark Starburst Chocolate Santas
TX Reese's Cup Minis Peppermint Bark Candy Canes
UT Hershey Kisses Reindeer Corn M&M's
VA M&M's Candy Canes Reindeer Corn
VT Candy Canes Snickers Chocolate Santas
WA Reese's Cup Minis Candy Canes Skittles
WI Starburst Peppermint Bark Reindeer Corn
WV Peppermint Bark Pez Starburst
WY M&M's Chocolate Santas Peppermint Bark

So, did our candy picks hit the mark for you? Got you thinking about what treats to pick up for the holiday gift swap or stocking stuffers, right?

Imagine the surprise on their faces when they unwrap a pack of that mouth-puckering sour candy, or the smiles you'll see when they dig into a bag of classic gummy bears. These aren’t just sweets; they're little bundles of joy that bring back memories and make new ones. And isn't that what we're all about during the holidays?

If you happen to choose something that's not their usual pick, don't sweat it. After all, Christmas is all about hanging out with our favorite people and just having a good time. It's really the thought that counts. Even if you land on reindeer corn, sparking up that never-ending candy corn debate, it's cool. It's the laugh you share that'll be remembered.

At the end of the day, it's all about the giving, whether it's the perfect sour gummies or even those homemade goodies. It's the love behind it that counts. The best part? When you're with friends and family, anything goes — even the most debated candy can be the hit of the party, because it's the fun and stories that come with it that make our Christmas time so special. So go on, grab those candies and let the good times roll!

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