Support Our Troops. Send Candy to the Military through These 5 Nonprofits.

May is National Military Appreciation Month—a time where we take off our hats and salute those who have sacrificed so much for our country. This May, say thank you to active duty military personnel, those deployed overseas, and veterans by sending a candy gram, cards, and other goodies to these selfless men and women through one of the following non-profit groups.

National Military Appreciation Month

Support Our Troops

The Chairman of Support Our Troops, Martin C. Boire, is one of the 90 percent of Americans who haven't served in the military. That's why he feels it's so important to give back to the selfless 10 percent who serve every day to keep us safe, secure, and free. The non-profit organization has many initiatives to support those overseas or on active duty in America, their families, and veterans, including Care Packages Support Our Troops.

This program encourages people to send in candies, goodies, cards, and more to military members overseas. These care packages help brighten troops' days and remind them how appreciative civilians are for their sacrifice. Support Our Troops also serves our furry military members. You can participate in K-9 Soldier Treats to provide over 2,000 military doggies with the supplies and great care they deserve.

Send a care package.

Operation Gratitude

Operation Gratitude sends care packages to every service member: troops overseas, first responders, veterans, children of deployed military members, wounded soldiers, and military care givers. One of Operation Gratitude's biggest candy drives of the year happens after Halloween. The Halloween Candy for Heroes drive encourages people to mail in their leftover candy to be shipped to troops all over the world. However, you can send a care package to military friends, family, and those you haven't met at any time during the year.

Program Outreach Manager at Operation Gratitude, Kelly South, said, "We have found that each piece of candy is a reminder of home. It's a simple piece of candy to us, but to someone who is thousands of miles from those they love, it shows them that they are not forgotten. It proves that the sacrifices they have made to protect our country are appreciated by all of us."

We agree with Ms. South. A gift of candy is a fantastic way to make someone smile and feel appreciated no matter what they're going through.

Send a care package.

Soldiers' Angels

"May no soldier go unloved" is the mission statement of Soldiers' Angels. The organization and its donors help spread the love for every military member, veteran, wounded soldier, military family, and K-9 unit by sending care packages, cards, and letters all over the world. The organization also helps homeless veterans, donates shoes before winter, and distributes food to those in need—among many other inspiring programs.

As far as candy goes, one of Soldiers' Angels biggest candy drives is the Treats for Troops program. Every year after Halloween, Soldiers' Angels asks the public to send in excess candy to mail to service men and women near and far. There is also an Angels Bakers Team that makes homemade goodies to mail to troops. It's this kind of unrelenting love and devotion that makes all the difference for our invaluable military.

Send a care package.

Operation Shoebox

Operation Shoebox has delivered over one million care packages to troops overseas since its start in 2003. The organization accepts monetary donations as well as leftover holiday candy from Easter, Halloween, Christmas, and more to send to people in the military. If you have extra goodies from the Easter Bunny, consider donating to Operation Shoebox to make a military member smile!

Operation Shoebox believes that the often unseen heroes of American freedom deserve constant reminders that they haven't been forgotten. The charity was started by a mother who had five children and two son-in-laws deployed overseas. There's no doubt that the care packages Operation Shoebox mails to troops everywhere help give them a boost during unbelievably trying times.

Send a care package.

Freedom Alliance

The Freedom Alliance was founded to encourage people to join the military and support them while they fight for our freedom. Today, its Gifts from Home project sends care packages to military members overseas.

To date, the Freedom Alliance has mailed over 150,000 packages to remind service men and women of our appreciation for their sacrifice. One of its recipients, Lt Michael Murray, USMC, Camp Fallujah, Iraq, said "I just received your care package today and wanted to thank the people at Freedom Alliance. My Marines appreciate your package and will make good use of the items inside. It truly raises their morale knowing that people like yourself have not forgotten about the men and women over here."

It's incredible to see what something small and sweet can mean to those who serve.

Send a care package.

Also check out our feature on Goodies for Our Troops, which does a great job.

Whether you know someone who is serving in another part of the world or would like to say thank you to all military members during National Military Appreciation Month, you can do so by donating to these charities. On behalf of, we want to say thank you to every military member. We hope these care packages provide you with a sweet surprise and sentiment—reinforcing the appreciation of the American people for all that you do.

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