Most Popular Christmas Candy by State [Interactive Map]

State-by-State Ranking of Favorite Christmas Candy
Top 3 Christmas Candies from Each State
23,000+ Customers Surveyed
Updated Nov 2021

Nov 18, 2021 By Ben George

Christmas season is dawning again. People in every corner of America are ready for some joy and celebration after another year of drama around pandemic ebbs and flows, and now inflation worries. Candy is a big part of the season and sales projections look strong. Here we break down the top candy in each state in this fun interactive map.

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Most Popular Christmas Candy by State

The map above reveals the results of our latest candy research: the top 3 most popular Christmas candies in each state. Hover over your state (non-mobile only) to see the goods.

It may not seem like Christmas is all about candy, because obviously there is so much more to the holidays. But there is also a lot of candy happening. Think about all the baking and decorating and making fun crafts with kids that happens in the weeks leading up to Christmas.

Do you hang candy canes from your tree? Maybe you get candy bars in your stocking? Or decorate snowman cookies with sprinkles and peppermint candy? Ok well, a lot of people do, ya know. :) And it all adds up.

So which Christmas candy do people like the most? It varies by state.

Since we’re an online bulk candy store, we reached out to customers to find that out. We got over 23,000 responses this year. We also checked in with our friendly major candy manufacturers and distributors to be sure our survey corresponded with their seasonal observations.

You might be surprised by the results, illustrated above in the interactive candy map. Key takeaways, below, but first a look at the bigger picture.

Industry Pulse

If Holiday candy sees a trend anything like what we saw at Halloween, it could be a big year for Christmas goodies. The spooky season saw an increase of 48%+ on candy sales according to the NCA. Could we do that again for the winter holidays?

That may sound high, but people are feeling spendy this year. Consumer spending is up nearly 15% YoY for the first nine months of 2021, according to the National Retail Federation. They also predict that overall holiday sales will hit the $850 billion range, up 8.5-10.5%, which would be the largest increase on record. Online sales are predicted to increase anywhere from 11-15%. All of this will be fueled by “strong growth in income and stockpiled savings,” according to NRF Chief Economist Jack Kleinhenz.

So, it should be a good one. Everyone supposedly has money to spend and enjoy a bountiful and abundant holiday season!

And now on to the results of our interactive map. Here are a few interesting insights we can gather.

Peppermint Bark Madness

Holy Peppermint Bark! It gained traction last year and really hit its stride this year. Look at all those states in the middle. They’re all peppermint bark! What is Middle America doing with all that peppermint bark?

Nationwide, the bark picked up 3 new #1 spots totaling 14 now. That kind of dominance has not been seen in the decade plus we’ve been following these trends. The peppermint bark lobby must be very well funded.

Reese’s Cups Keep Declining

Reese’s Cups lost another three #1 spots this year, down 6 over the last two years.

Hold up. There must be some kind of mistake here. Reese’s Cups are the divine candy of the Gods with zero flaws and only amazing chocolate and peanut butter combination along with perfect texture and soft snap. How could it be that they are becoming increasingly less popular?! I blame the bark lobby.

I can only give you the numbers. One of the spots they lost was to the hard charging popularity of peppermint bark (Minnesota), and another was lost to Hershey Kisses (Arizona).

Don’t worry. It doesn’t necessarily mean people love Reese’s any less, just that it’s not the only star of the show anymore. It’s definitely still ok to love Reese’s Cups. I can’t believe I even need to write that.

Reindeer Corn Declining

Michiganders can finally stop emailing us about candy corn. In a state where candy corn has lead both Halloween and Christmas favorites for years, this year is finally different. Michigan has joined the rest of the Big Ten states on the peppermint bark band wagon.

But the corn is in decline across the country, losing key candy corn states of Delaware, New Hampshire and Rhode Island as well.

Could this be the beginning of candy corn’s swan song into the twilight of candy history? Some people who think it’s one of the worst candies might be happy about that.

Which Christmas holiday candy does your state loves the most? Let us know what you think in the comments below.

State By State

State Top Holiday Candy 2nd Place 3rd Place
AK Hershey Kisses Candy Canes Reese's Pieces
AL Reindeer Corn Candy Canes Peppermint Bark
AR Starburst Snickers Peppermint Bark
AZ Hershey Kisses Reese's Cup Minis Skittles
CA Peppermint Bark Hershey Kisses Reese's Cup Minis
CO Candy Canes Hershey Kisses Reese's Pieces
CT Starburst Reindeer Corn Candy Canes
DC Snickers Candy Canes M&M's
DE Starburst Candy Canes Reindeer Corn
FL Skittles Snickers M&M's
GA Snickers Reindeer Corn Candy Canes
HI Starburst Hershey Kisses Reindeer Corn
IA Peppermint Bark Reese's Cup Minis M&M's
ID M&M's Hershey Kisses Chocolate Santas
IL Peppermint Bark Hershey Kisses M&M's
IN Reese's Cup Minis Hershey Kisses Candy Canes
KS Peppermint Bark Hershey Kisses Candy Canes
KY M&M's Peppermint Bark Reese's Cup Minis
LA Candy Canes Reindeer Corn Pez
MA Candy Canes Hershey Kisses Reese's Cup Minis
MD Reese's Cup Minis Candy Canes Reese's Pieces
ME Chocolate Santas Hershey Kisses Candy Canes
MI Peppermint Bark Reindeer Corn Reese's Cup Minis
MN Peppermint Bark Hershey Kisses Reese's Cup Minis
MO Peppermint Bark Hershey Kisses Starburst
MS Chocolate Santas Candy Canes Reindeer Corn
MT Reese's Pieces Reindeer Corn Reese's Cup Minis
NC Starburst Snickers Reindeer Corn
ND Chocolate Santas Reindeer Corn Reese's Cup Minis
NE Peppermint Bark M&M's Hershey Kisses
NH Candy Canes Reindeer Corn Reese's Cup Minis
NJ Skittles Reese's Cup Minis Pez
NM Chocolate Santas Pez Candy Canes
NV Peppermint Bark Candy Canes Starburst
NY Candy Canes Snickers Reese's Cup Minis
OH Chocolate Santas Hershey Kisses Peppermint Bark
OK Candy Canes Reindeer Corn Skittles
OR Reese's Cup Minis Candy Canes Snickers
PA Reese's Cup Minis Candy Canes Reindeer Corn
RI Peppermint Bark Reindeer Corn M&M's
SC M&M's Peppermint Bark Pez
SD Chocolate Santas Hershey Kisses Peppermint Bark
TN Peppermint Bark Candy Canes Chocolate Santas
TX Peppermint Bark Reese's Cup Minis Candy Canes
UT Hershey Kisses Reindeer Corn M&M's
VA M&M's Candy Canes Reindeer Corn
VT Snickers Candy Canes Chocolate Santas
WA Reese's Cup Minis Candy Canes Skittles
WI Peppermint Bark Reindeer Corn Starburst
WV Peppermint Bark Pez Jolly Rancher
WY M&M's Chocolate Santas Peppermint Bark


Does the list above match with what you like or your loved ones would like to receive as a gift?

If you get the wrong thing, just remember that – really – the holiday season is about family and friends. It’s the thought that counts, the gesture that matters. Unless you give me reindeer corn, in which case we are no longer friends.

Leave a comment and let us know your thoughts!

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