Candy Corn

Pop Quiz: What was the Original Name of Candy Corn? Reveal The Answer

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Indulge in the sweet taste of nostalgia with our extensive collection of candy corn and candy corn-flavored candies at Our selection is not just limited to the classic tri-colored treats; we also offer an exciting range of candy corn-inspired delights perfect for every season and occasion.

For the Christmas holidays, savor the festive spirit with our Christmas Corn and Reindeer Corn. When Valentine's Day rolls around, express your love with the sweet taste of Valentine's Day Corn and Cupid Corn. And of course, Halloween candy wouldn't be complete without some controversial candy corn. Our candy corn flavored salt water taffy is a delightful twist on the classic, combining the chewy texture of taffy with the familiar taste of candy corn.

Looking to stock up for an event or just to satisfy your sweet tooth? We offer bulk candy options so you can have all the candy corn and candy corn-flavored treats you desire. But that’s not all - explore our collection further to find a wide variety of jelly beans and gummy candy that can perfectly complement your candy corn selection.

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