Kenny's Super Twists

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Kenny's Super Twists: Discover the Mastery

In the vast landscape of confectioneries, Kenny's Candy stands out with its specialized focus on licorice and rope candy. While they might be newer entrants in this candy playground, they have quickly risen to prominence, thanks to their diverse and innovative approach to licorice. By not just sticking to the conventional, Kenny's offers a delightful range of shapes, sizes, and colors. This ingenuity goes beyond the form; they sweeten many of their candies with real fruit juice and have even teamed up with renowned brands like Dr. Pepper, A&W Root Beer, and Orange Crush to infuse their signature flavors into the licorice.

1997 marked a pivotal point in Kenny's journey. They introduced the Wiley Wallaby Australian Style Gourmet Liquorice, offering a fresh perspective on the traditional American licorice styles. Today, their dedication to quality and innovation ensures their presence in grocery and candy stores nationwide.

Comparing Kenny's Super Twists to Other Licorice Luminaries

In the realm of licorice candy, several names resonate with enthusiasts. Among them is Twizzlers, celebrated for its distinct chewy texture and variety. While Twizzlers offers an experience many have grown fond of, Kenny's Super Twists incorporates flavors of beloved beverages, creating a unique tasting journey.

Then there's Red Vines, a brand synonymous with classic red licorice twists. While Red Vines remains true to its traditional flavors and form, Kenny's pushes the boundaries by introducing candy lovers to the nuances of Australian licorice, ensuring a delightful surprise with each bite.