Most Popular Valentine's Candy by State [Interactive Map]

State-by-State Ranking of Favorite Valentine's Day Candy
Top 3 Candies from Each State
12 Years Bulk Candy Sales Data
Updated January 2020

Jan 30, 2020 By Clair Robins

Valentine's Day is one of those holidays where spending is big on indulgent gifts and treats. Candy is projected to take in an eye-popping $2.4 Billion this V Day season. Here's a map of the favorite Valentine's Day candy in every state.

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Top Valentine’s Day Candy by State

Valentine’s Day is about love and romance and spending money to demonstrate them. This year will be no different. The National Retail Federation is forecasting that, after a strong winter holiday season, Valentine’s Day spending will be strong as well. In fact, they predict it will smash last year’s record by 32%.

If you think some of that is from candy, you’re right!

As Valentine’s indulgences go, candy is a relatively inexpensive one. It’s also become tradition and is a nice and easy gesture to make. That could be why people are expected to spend over $2.4 Billion this year – up $600M from last year.

Using sales data from the past 12 years from our online bulk candy store and industry partners, has compiled sales data to determine the most popular Valentine’s Day candy. The map above illustrates the favorite Valentine’s Day candy in each state. The results are pretty interesting.


Conversation Hearts Win Streak Ends

Conversation Hearts Top Valentines Candy in 2018


Conversation hearts had been rising in popularity for years, and had finally overtaken those omnipresent heart-shaped boxes of chocolates. That all changed last year when SweetHearts conversation hearts were absent from the market. As you can see from the graph above, it had a significant effect on conversation hearts consumed.

The drop was not as large as we predicted it to be. Other brands, like Brach’s, did step into the vacuum left by SweetHearts. It wasn’t enough to fend off heart-shaped boxes of chocolates in their many iterations though.

M&M’s keeps moving up

Last year, M&M’s cracked more top 3 spots than ever. And it’s continuing to ascend the rankings this year. M&M’s claimed 3 more #1 spots this year, taking advantage of a drop-off in conversation hearts in each of those states: Arizona, Kansas and New Jersey.

Since introducing the Cupid’s Message M&M’s in 2017, we’ve seen a rise in M&M’s sales for Valentine’s Day. Cupid’s Mix of Valentine’s Day colored M&M’s has also been very popular. The re-introduction of White Cheesecake M&M’s helped boost them as well.

Cupid Corn Fading Out?

As holiday themed candy corn has trended slightly down the past few holidays, it held relatively steady for Valentine’s Day 2019. Cupid corn even jumped up a spot to #2 in Michigan. They love the corn in Michigan, I tell ya.

So, which Valentine’s Day candy does your state love the most? Let us know what you think in the comments below.

Here is a table with each state’s winners:

State NameTop Valentines Candy2nd Place3rd Place
AlabamaCandy NecklacesConversation HeartsHeart-Shaped Box of Chocolates
AlaskaHeart-Shaped Box of ChocolatesConversation HeartsCinnamon Bears
ArizonaM&MsHeart-Shaped Box of ChocolatesConversation Hearts
ArkansasHershey KissesConversation HeartsGhirardelli Gift Box
CaliforniaHeart-Shaped Box of ChocolatesConversation HeartsChocolate Roses
ColoradoHeart-Shaped Box of ChocolatesM&MsConversation Hearts
ConnecticutHeart-Shaped Box of ChocolatesConversation HeartsM&Ms
DelawareHershey KissesConversation HeartsChocolate Hearts
FloridaHeart-Shaped Box of ChocolatesConversation HeartsChocolate Roses
GeorgiaHeart-Shaped Box of ChocolatesChocolate RosesConversation Hearts
HawaiiConversation HeartsHeart-Shaped Box of ChocolatesCandy Necklaces
IdahoM&MsConversation HeartsHershey Kisses
IllinoisConversation HeartsChocolate RosesM&Ms
IndianaHeart-Shaped Box of ChocolatesConversation HeartsChocolate Roses
IowaM&MsConversation HeartsGhirardelli Gift Box
KansasM&MsHeart-Shaped Box of ChocolatesGhirardelli Gift Box
KentuckyConversation HeartsChocolate RosesM&Ms
LouisianaConversation HeartsHeart-Shaped Box of ChocolatesM&Ms
MaineChocolate HeartsGhirardelli Gift BoxConversation Hearts
MarylandM&MsConversation HeartsHeart-Shaped Box of Chocolates
MassachusettsHeart-Shaped Box of ChocolatesChocolate HeartsConversation Hearts
MichiganHeart-Shaped Box of ChocolatesCupid CornConversation Hearts
MinnesotaHeart-Shaped Box of ChocolatesM&MsConversation Hearts
MississippiHeart-Shaped Box of ChocolatesConversation HeartsChocolate Roses
MissouriConversation HeartsHeart-Shaped Box of ChocolatesHershey Kisses
MontanaConversation HeartsChocolate HeartsHeart-Shaped Box of Chocolates
NebraskaChocolate HeartsHeart-Shaped Box of ChocolatesCupid Corn
NevadaHeart-Shaped Box of ChocolatesConversation HeartsChocolate Roses
New HampshireHeart-Shaped Box of ChocolatesConversation HeartsChocolate Hearts
New JerseyM&MsHeart-Shaped Box of ChocolatesConversation Hearts
New MexicoHeart-Shaped Box of ChocolatesChocolate RosesCandy Necklaces
New YorkHeart-Shaped Box of ChocolatesConversation HeartsCinnamon Bears
North CarolinaHeart-Shaped Box of ChocolatesCupid CornConversation Hearts
North DakotaConversation HeartsM&MsHeart-Shaped Box of Chocolates
OhioHeart-Shaped Box of ChocolatesCupid CornConversation Hearts
OklahomaConversation HeartsHeart-Shaped Box of ChocolatesChocolate Roses
OregonChocolate RosesM&MsHeart-Shaped Box of Chocolates
PennsylvaniaM&MsHeart-Shaped Box of ChocolatesConversation Hearts
Rhode IslandChocolate HeartsHeart-Shaped Box of ChocolatesConversation Hearts
South CarolinaConversation HeartsHeart-Shaped Box of ChocolatesGhirardelli Gift Box
South DakotaHershey KissesConversation HeartsChocolate Hearts
TennesseeConversation HeartsHeart-Shaped Box of ChocolatesWild Berry Skittles
TexasHershey KissesHeart-Shaped Box of ChocolatesConversation Hearts
UtahHershey KissesM&MsConversation Hearts
VermontConversation HeartsHeart-Shaped Box of ChocolatesCandy Necklaces
VirginiaConversation HeartsHeart-Shaped Box of ChocolatesCupid Corn
WashingtonHeart-Shaped Box of ChocolatesChocolate RosesConversation Hearts
Washington, D.C.Heart-Shaped Box of ChocolatesConversation HeartsCinnamon Bears
West VirginiaConversation HeartsCupid CornCandy Necklaces
WisconsinConversation HeartsHershey KissesGhirardelli Gift Box
WyomingChocolate RosesConversation HeartsHeart-Shaped Box of Chocolates


  1. Cason Jenner says

    You know, Valentine’s Day candies just don’t come in shoeboxes any more so you can pick only form what is offered. All this does is show box makers think hearts are a favorite shape.

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