Support Our Troops. Send Candy to the Military through These 5 Nonprofits.

May is National Military Appreciation Month—a time where we take off our hats and salute those who have sacrificed so much for our country. This May, say thank you to active duty military personnel, those deployed overseas, and veterans by sending a candy gram, cards, and other goodies to these selfless men and women through one...

Hop to it! 10 Easter Recipes to Start Preparing for That Special Sunday

Easter is around the corner and that means you’ll need to start pre-heating the oven and firing up the stovetop to create some delicious dishes. If you’re not sure what to make this year, let us help with these cute and yummy Easter Sunday recipes. They’re thematic, adorable, and so tasty. Easter Chick Deviled Eggs Deviled...

10 Edible and Funny April Fool’s Jokes for Foodies

April Fool’s! We’re sure someone has yelled that at you some point as you walked into a toilet papered house or got a pie in the face. Now’s the time for your revenge! We’re found some of the funniest, edible April Fool’s jokes for those who wants to literally give someone a taste of their own...

The 20 Worst Valentine’s Day Conversation Heart Sayings

Browsing the #rejectedcandyhearts section on Twitter is entertaining (albeit, really inappropriate depending on the submission, so reader discretion is advised!) After reading these, you’ll be happy your store-bought Necco conversation hearts are polite and sweet because these sure aren’t! And if you’d like to get a  custom candy heart message to share with friends, head.

Your Ultimate Guide to New Year’s Eve Parties—Cocktails, Recipes, and More!

It’s almost that time of the year again, folks! And that means, it’s time to have a big celebration to ring in the New Year. You don’t want to drop the ball on being a fantastic host (the only ball that should drop is the one in Time’s Square), so if you’re planning on having.

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