Allan Candy

Allan Candy's Humble Beginnings

Driven by an insatiable passion for confectionery, Allan Vertlieb initiated a candy empire right from the confines of his home in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada. Installing specialized cookers in his very own kitchen, he embarked on crafting delightful lollipops, which he then sold directly from his living room. It was a fortunate time for the local kids, as they witnessed the inception of what would soon become a cornerstone in the candy industry. Within a decade, Vertlieb's venture blossomed, stretching both spatially and in its assortment. The offerings expanded to toffees, candy-coated popcorn, and artisanal hard candies, ensuring the legacy of those initial lollipops remained intact.

However, the course of Allan Candy didn't remain static with Vertlieb's vision alone. Upon its sale, the company ventured into crafting hollow chocolate Easter bunnies, candy canes, and licorice. And for those with a penchant for the tangy side of sweets, Allan Candies introduced a range of sour gummies, available in bulk for the ardent enthusiasts.

Allan Candy's Continued Legacy and Acquisition

With the passage of time, Allan Candies broadened its horizons, adding more delights to its repertoire, which included a line of gummy bears and other gummy variants. This penchant for diversity and unwavering commitment to quality rendered Allan Candies as a sought-after name in the world of sweets.

In a monumental turn of events in late 2014, The Hershey Company recognized the potential and legacy of Allan Candies, subsequently acquiring it. This merger not only marked a new chapter in the candy industry but also ensured that Allan Candy's rich history and tradition would continue to delight generations to come.

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