Traditional and Seasonal Candy Displays notes that while "Retailers have done a good job bringing shoppers to the candy aisles. It is time now, many experts agree, to refocus on traditional and seasonal categories." The point that they are trying to make, and with which many bulk candy wholesalers would agree, is that now that customers are back in.

Cinnamon Candy Mythology and Health

Phoenix, the legendary bird that rises from its ashes in mythology, uses cinnamon, myrrh and spikenard (ever heard of that one?) to build the magic fire from which it magnificently emerges in rebirth. Remember Harry Potter! During the Middle Ages the Arabians brought cinnamon and other spices from Asia to Egypt.

Candy Sculptures

Candy sculptures are a sweet new spin on an old art passion using candy. Artists wanting to purchase bulk candy wholesale for their creative designs have been using the custom order opportunities available online to purchase the bulk candy they require for their very unique craft. The Japanese have been sculpting candy for centuries and candy.

Candy Aphrodisiacs

We all know there are certain foods (candy aphrodisiacs) for special moods and that includes romance. Some herbs, spices, sweets and other foods have been used for centuries, others not quite as long, but they share the distinction of creating feelings of well being, mild euphoria, affection, tenderness and dare I say, arousal.

Does Candy Expire?! What is the Shelf Life of Candy and Chocolate?

The quick answer is yes, candy can go bad. But it’s a little more nuanced than that. Candy is a general term that encompasses a great variety of sweet confectionary products. The degree and speed with which candy will go bad, depends on what it is. So let’s break it down. TL;DR Store your candy in.

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