8 Adorable DIY Valentine’s Day Crafts for Kids to Make Their Own Valentines

Valentines Crafts for Kids to Make DIY

Are your little ones brimming with love? Give you cute Cupids something fun to do to show the ones they love most how much they care with these adorable DIY Valentine's Day crafts for kids. Get the finger paint, safety scissors, construction paper, and Valentine's Day candy ready for a fun time.

Wrapped Around My Fingerprints Decoration

Parents love handmade cards from their little ones. Let your kids use their fingers to make this very personal and sentimental "love card." You can use it as decoration in a frame or as a Valentine for mom or dad.

This cute crafter used red, blue, baby pink, and hot pink to create this custom card, but you could use whatever color you choose. Even top it all off with some glitter if you see fit!

The Language of Love Card

Love is a universal language, so why not try this American Sign Language "I love you" Valentine's Day card to spread your affection another way?

This craft calls for a bit more dexterity, so if you have toddlers at home you might want to try a simpler Valentine's Day DIY like the fingerprint card we featured above. You can always do the cutting for kids too to help them accomplish this beautiful Valentine's Day craft.

Love You to Pieces Card

Your kids really do love you to pieces. Let them surprise your other half, their grandparents, or another cherished family member by making this sweet Valentine.

This craft only requires cutting or tearing up bits of colorful paper, but you could use a heart stencil to cut out mini symbols of love and use them like confetti on this card too. If your kids aren't great with their letters yet, help them out with the message and let them do the cutting and glueing instead. This is an easy and adorable card that will make your kids happy to spread their love on Valentine's Day.

The Circle of Love Wreath

Your love never ends for your kids, and they probably feel the same way about you. Help them cut out different color and size hearts to make this pretty and festive Valentine's Day wreath.

To make a perfect circle, use a protractor or cut out the center of a paper plate. Then, glue or tape your hearts on the wreath until all of the backing is covered. Finish it off with a red, white, or pink ribbon and hang it on a door in your home or front and center on the fridge.

Valentine's Day Love Bugs

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder and these so-ugly-they're-cute creatures are super lovable. These crafts are really fun to make because your kids can give them to your spouse to bring to work, stick on his/her dashboard, or keep in their home office. You can secretly make some for your kiddos too and place them by their bed to wake up to on Valentine's day so they know how much they're loved.

This craft requires lots of imagination, pompoms, googly eyes, and glue. Stock up on felt too to cut out the heart-shaped base and then let your heart be your guide!

Thumbody Loves You Valentine Card

This card idea is so cute! We love how they used parent and child thumbprints for the inspiration and then some pen to finish it off.

Wash everybody's hands before you get dirty with this project. Then, have your kids press their thumbs firmly into a pad of non-toxic ink. Help them steadily press their finger down on the paper, make your own print next to theirs, let it dry, then decorate with paint or ink! Write a nice personalized message inside the card or on back of the paper to finish it off.

My Love for You Grows On Trees Craft

Money may not grow on trees, but love does—at least in this craft, anyway. Depending on how old your kids are, you might want to help prep the heart and tree trunk/branch shapes they'll need to make their own love trees. Then, you can get busy doing other Valentine's Day crafts while your kids enjoy some creativity.

Valentine's day crafts for kids heart tree


If you're a teacher, this is a fantastic project to have your students make in class. Get plenty of red, pink, and brown construction paper as well as Elmer's Glue and let them make their parents, siblings, and loved ones these thoughtful Valentine's Day cards.

You're My Rock Valentine's Day Gift

Ask your kids who their rock is and let them make these Valentine's Day paperweights to give to those they love! This is a messy one because it involves paint, glitter, and glue, so lay down some newsprint before you start so you don't end up feeling less than amorous because of the clean-up!

Valentine's Day is one of our favorites because it's about love and candy! If you're not done shopping for Valentine's Day yet, browse chocolate and other sweets to give to your sweethearts. And if you'd like to make a personalized candy gram, learn how here!

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