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Blow Your Guests Out of the Water: Top Kid and Adult Pool Party Crafts and Snack Ideas

Cannonball! The weather is hot and it’s time to cool down with some fun in the water. If you’re getting ready to throw a pool party for your little one or invite friends over to float and chill, there’s always room for DIY menus and crafts to make it even better. From sharks, to adult...

7 Inspiring Pink Candy Buffet Ideas

So you want to plan a unique pink candy buffet. We love the gumption, but that’s a lot easier said than done. Pink has become such a popular color for candy buffets these days that trying to set yours apart from every other spread on Pinterest has become… challenging to say the least. Luckily for...

12 Awesome Free Customizable Candy Buffet Labels

Let’s take a minute to talk about labels. Some people might be better off without them, but this is not the case with candy buffets. Unless you want to spend the entire party explaining the difference between the Atomic Death Balls from the Sweet Cherry Bites to your elderly guests, adding labels to your menagerie...

15 Awesome Candy Buffet Ideas You Need to Steal Today

This might come off as a little biased, but we think that candy buffets are the greatest thing to grace the American celebration since the invention of the party hat. They’re affordable, easy to set up, and with a little creative arranging they can be an absolute show-stopper at any wedding or holiday party.

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