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9 Awesome DIY Candy Buffet Favor Bags

We’re no poets, but if we were then we’d write an ode to candy buffet favor bags. It would open like this "Oh noble candy bags, you are so pretty even though nobody notices you. With a sturdy bottom and stoic seams, you selflessly transport our candy from hither to wither so that we may...

15 Awesome DIY Wedding Dessert Ideas

Like any sane and well-adjusted soon-to-be-wed, you’ve always dreamed of treating your guests to a reception laden with a myriad of tasty desserts – tables spread with of decadent cupcakes, decorative towers of butter mints, books full of bonbons; your dream candy buffet ideas come true. The only problem is that after sharing your vision with your...

14 Breathtaking DIY Décor Ideas for Your Valentine’s Wedding

If you’re intent on getting married on a national holiday, you can’t do much better than Valentine’s Day. This year, more than 6 million couples are expected to get engaged on the day we’ve come to associate with the celebration of love and affection. It’s only natural that a few thousand of you wed-to-be’s will...

Easy DIY Candy Birds’ Nests Wedding Favors

Sleigh bells are ringing, menorahs are being lit, and someone, somewhere is setting up their festivus pole. That can only mean one thing – the holiday season is finally upon us! Over here at we love the winter holidays almost as much as we love arts and crafts projects. So we figured we’d kick...

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