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8 Lively Labor Day Treats & Activities

The first Labor Day took place in NYC in 1882. Now, no matter where you are, you can take a load off and enjoy the official day dedicated to the American worker…not working! Make this year’s day of rest fun for yourself, friends and the whole family by trying some of these easy decoration, food, and...

Fancy Campfire Recipes Turn Camping Into Glamping

Some of us are more rugged than others. While the buzzing of mosquitos, hard ground for sleeping and lack of indoor plumbing are rousing for some, others may opt for a more glamorous option. Introducing, "glamping." You may have heard of it, but "glamorous camping" is one bandwagon we’re happy to hop on! Modeled around taking all the luxuries...

Blow Your Guests Out of the Water: Top Kid and Adult Pool Party Crafts and Snack Ideas

Cannonball! The weather is hot and it’s time to cool down with some fun in the water. If you’re getting ready to throw a pool party for your little one or invite friends over to float and chill, there’s always room for DIY menus and crafts to make it even better. From sharks, to adult...

James Marsden Knows How Candy Buffets Roll

Planning a graduation party is no easy feat. That’s why we were so glad we were able to help James Marsden out with a graduation party for his son! With an impressive candy buffet bar filled with jelly beans, Nerds, M&Ms and more, he used his own skills to come up with inspirational and thematic candy displays...

School’s out! Keep your kids busy with these 9 DIY recipes

It’s time to put the backpacks away and get ready to play! Summer vacation is upon us and with it comes lots of time to fill with fun activities, crafts and outings. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of fun and delicious DIY recipes that you and your kids can make during the summer.

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