10 of the Merriest Candy Ornaments You Can Make with Kids

Candy Christmas Ornaments to make with your kids

Are your kids decking the halls and bouncing off walls while waiting for Santa to arrive? Keep them busy this holiday with these edible and candy-themed ornaments! They're sure to keep their hands and minds occupied while you get ready for company, wrap presents, and enjoy the holiday season.

Peppermint Holiday Ornament

Whether you have stale peppermints lying around or a big bag you can't use up all on your own, don't worry! You can try these melted peppermint ornaments. While this one involves, the oven, you can enlist your little helpers to tie ribbon once they're cooled, and help hang them on the tree.

If you want these ornaments to last, coat them in polyeurethane and let them dry before hanging. That'll keep them from getting sticky or going bad. Need supplies? Shop for red or green peppermints and holiday shaped cookie cutters to make these ornaments at home.

Sprinkle Christmas Ornament

These are perhaps one of the easiest edible Christmas ornaments you can make. Buy the fillable ornaments (plastic preferred), sprinkles from the grocery store, and whatever ribbon you'd like to decorate the hooks at the top. Your kids can snack while they pack these orbs, and enjoy looking at their handiwork once these ornaments are hung on the tree.

These ornaments also look beautiful with M&M's (ideally red and green), red hots, and other smaller candies. Choose whatever candy look you love best for these. Just make sure to dump them out at the end of the season, so you don't open a box to find something nasty next year!

Gumdrop Christmas Tree Ornament

If you're already planning on making a gingerbread house and have lots of gumdrops on-hand, try making this DIY gumdrop Christmas ornament! This is another craft you'll want to use for the season, and then toss in the trash before packing up decorations and putting them in storage.

If you need the supplies, you can shop for gumdrops in bulk on CandyStore.com, and find the large foam balls online. Just make sure you tell the kiddos to keep their snacking to a minimum, or you'll run out of gummies to finish your decorations!

Ribbon Candy Christmas Trees

Now, these ribbon candy Christmas trees aren't edible, but they're candy-themed, so they made the list. While you won't be able to eat these, they have a better benefit: they aren't perishable, so you can use them season after season!

Choose varying printed and solid ribbon in Christmas colors for these ribbon candy trees. And, make sure to choose fun big beads for layering in between. We suppose you could use caramels or another wrapped candy in lieu of beads, but then these wouldn't be able to be saved for the following holiday.

Bubble Gum Ornaments

Christmas trees vary in style; some have a metallic and tinsel theme, others are more eclectic. If you opt for a whimsical Christmas tree design this year, you absolutely must make these cute bubble gum ornaments. They won't require any dangerous tools (so they're super safe for kids), and can be made in minutes.

To recreate this look, bring home cellophane, twine, and large colorful ornaments. Or, you can fill cellophane with real candies. The choice is up to you!

Candy Cane Holiday Decoration

Give your Christmas tree a rustic and inviting look by wrapping candy canes in twine! These are simple to make and can be left entirely to the kids if you use Elmer's glue and safety scissors. The candy canes also make great gift tags and add a special touch when tied to the top of presents.

If you want to use these next year and seasons to come, use faux candy canes. While it takes a while for candy canes to spoil, they eventually will. Candy canes are also fragile, so using a wooden or metal form would ensure they stay intact.

Gingerbread Ornaments

Make gingerbread men to eat, and ones to go on the tree! Gingerbread is used for baking and decorating because it hardens and smells wonderful. However, you need to use non-edible cinnamon ornament dough if you plan on keeping these for future Christmas's.

Christmas DIY gingerbread man ornament with candy cane


Change up the colors with an assortment of candy canes, and use your icing to give these gingerbread men their own unique style.

Chocolate Truffle Christmas Ornaments

It's really amazing what cheap supplies and some imagination can do. With spherical plastic ornaments, spray paint, epoxy, some glitter, and faux cranberries, you can make something that looks like it belongs in a high-end shop! We will warn you that this craft is a bit more technical, so older kids are better suited for it.

Since these homemade Christmas ornaments are so lovely, they're perfect to put on your own tree or give out as gifts! It's always nice to give presents at the office, school, or in social groups around the holiday, and you can do so without spending a ton when you make these pretty chocolate truffle ornaments.

Hershey's Kissmas Mouse

Hershey's Kisses have been a part of the holiday season ever since its classic bell commercial came out in 1989. Celebrate the season in a delicious way with these Kissmas mice ornaments!

Aside from the Hershey's Kisses, you'll need googly eyes, hot glue, fishing line, and pink felt to make these adorable mice. You can even add a small pink or black pom pom to the end of the kiss for a cute little nose.

Candy Cane Rudolf Ornament

Candy canes are so versatile! This is the third iteration on the list, and totally different than the others. Teach your children the Rudolf the Red Nosed Reindeer song and have them sing along while making these adorable reindeer candy cane ornaments.

DIY Rudolf the Red nosed Reindeer Christmas ornament


The button nose, googly eyes, and burlap makes these ornaments super cute and unique. Have your kids sign their names and date each ornament, so you can smile each year you unwrap and hang these ornaments. Here's a tip: don't glue the candy canes into the burlap. That way, you can replace them if they break and from season to season.

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