15+ DIY Christmas & Holiday Decoration Ideas (VIDEOS)

DIY Holiday Decorations

The holidays are coming! Does your house look the part? If not, don't worry. We've gathered some of the merriest and most creative crafts on the internet that will make your home beautiful for the holidays.

DIY Advent Calendar

Counting down the days until Christmas is a favorite among kids and adults alike. Instead of barely three dimensional designs, try this interactive, sculptural, and fun advent calendar idea. You can tuck little goodies into every day and let your kids take turns opening them up in anticipation of the big day.

Candy Sleighs

Functional, cute, and delicious! These candy sleighs would make amazing gifts for your guests or just beautiful and creative decorations around your home in December. Using candy canes, wrapping paper, and candy bars, you can transform sweets into a creative treat and décor item. Our tip: use mini candy canes and mini candy bars to make adorable ornaments you can give away to friends and family!

Candy Sleighs


Christmas Decoration Montage

Get ready for a barrage of jolliness. This video tutorial will show you a ton of fun ways you can inject holiday cheer into your home. Plus, there are a variety of crafts ranging in difficulty, so you can choose one, two, or a few that suit your skills. The candy she mentions in the video is Hershey Kisses and starlight mints.


Snow Globes

These candle holders look like they've been dusted in a fresh December snowfall. We love these because they're more of a refined look for the holidays that can stretch all the way through winter. Gather some mason jars, spray on some fake snow, and adorn these magical candle holders with fresh pine cones for a lovely scent and look.

Glitter Pinecones And String Trees

The twinkling lights of the holiday season are definitely matched by the sparkly nature of these crafts! Coat pine cones in glitter to use as a North Pole-worthy centerpiece, try your hand at creating fun and whimsical string Christmas trees, or even give the doily bowls a try. There's something for every holiday lover in this easy tutorial.

Candy Cane Wreath

Simplicity and chic design come together in this candy cane wreath. The candy canes form hearts to show the love of the season, show off their jolly holiday red and white, and showcase a classic Christmas candy all in one. Top it all off with a "Merry Christmas" or "Happy Holidays" sticker in the middle and you'll have a pretty and edible wreath to hang this year.

Homemade Natural Garland

You can make a beautiful and incredibly fragrant pine garland all from taking a stroll through the woods or picking up some clippings in your back yard. This guy can show you how to assemble a natural and beautiful Christmas wreath for next to nothing. Then, you can wrap it around your bannister, front door, or mantle. Here's a hint: don't forget to save your Christmas tree trimmings too to add to the garland!

Sock Snowman

Snowmen are both holiday appropriate and can live on your tables and mantles throughout the winter. This versatile craft is really easy to make with old or oversize socks, some stuffing, and casual adornments like buttons and scrap fabric. Have your kids build their own snowmen even if nothing white is on the ground yet!

DIY Stocking

Stockings can be found in practically any store during the holidays, but making your own will add a personal touch and nostalgia to this year's Christmas and many to come. Bring your family to the fabric store, have them select their favorite holiday or non-holiday print, and then stitch these up in a snap. All red looks great, but mismatching is a cute look too!

Cupcake Trees

While you're baking for the holidays, save some of your cupcake liners to make these cute trees! They barely take any time, can be customized with a ton of different styles and prints, and look cute next to a gingerbread house or by themselves on the mantle or dining table. Even use this idea to top a present for an extra wow factor!

DIY Wreath

This wreath will transition from the holiday season in December well into the winter months. That's because it's stiff white tulle is the perfect backdrop for metallic accessories that evoke a Christmas and winter spirit at first glance. Find out how to make your very own and spruce up your door this season with this quick video.

Pallet Tree

If you aren't allowed to have real Christmas trees or you want to go with a more modern look, try this pallet Christmas tree idea! You can set it up in lieu of a fireplace for a festive focal point or in a front entry hall for added cheer. The best part about pallets are that they're usually available for free at the dump or on local classified ads. Then, you'll just need to string up lights, hang some ornaments, and enjoy this new kind of tree.

Popcorn-Cranberry Garland

Edible garlands look beautiful in the home and then can be taken outdoors to feed hungry birds and squirrels once you're done with the holidays. You've probably seen popcorn garlands hanging on Christmas trees, but this mixed garland includes cranberry too for a beautiful white and red contrast that can add textural interest to your home.

Christmas Signs

Front porches usually boast pine needle wreaths during the holidays, holly garlands, and string lights, but this homemade sign design is one of the most beautiful we've seen! Whether you use wood or cardboard, you can cut out and paint your own sign to add more holiday cheer to your home right away.

Christmas Signs


DIY Ornaments

Christmas trees have dozens of branches that scream to be adorned with festive ornaments. If you're short on your supply, try making some of your own in this DIY tutorial! From gingerbread men to Santa Clause hats to many more, you'll have a large selection of crafts to try.


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