7 Super Snack & Party Ideas for Family Fun Month

Family Fun Month ideas

In case you didn't know, August is "Family Fun Month." Here at CandyStore.com, we love any excuse for fun. But since this is the official month dedicated to having a blast together, we think we need to up the ante! Before school gets back in session and busy schedules resume, try squeezing a few of these exciting activities in with the ones closest to you. You'll be happy you did when you can smile about the memories for the rest of the year.

Pitch a tent in the back yard

You don't have to pack the car to pack extra fun into your family time together! Just stuff a cooler full of goodies, unroll the sleeping bags and set ground rules like "no cell phones" to get the full back woods feel. Within a stones throw from indoor plumbing and the comforts of home, you can make your inventive camping adventure perfect for your entire family.

Make a lemonade stand, stand out

Anyone can squeeze lemons, but it takes a lot of love and imagination to make a traditional lemonade stand pop! To attract patrons and help your little ones earn a bit more before school starts, try mixing up what you mix up. With a ton of recipes out there, life can give you a lot more than lemons. Try cherry lemonade, mango lemonade or even cucumber lemonade. If your household is full of adult "children," you can even have your own backyard adult lemonade stand with some of these recipes. No matter the age, your kids will love earning a little extra, spending time together and enjoying refreshing and inventive beverages.

Watch an outdoor movie

If you're lucky enough to have a drive-in theater close by, then fill the car full of snacks and hit the road! However, if you don't have anything close enough, you can make do on your own by using your garage door! Hang a white sheet tightly over the door and anchor it at the bottom with heavy rocks or bricks. Then, set up a projector, pull out some pillows and lawn chairs and curl up for an outdoor showing of your favorite films. You can even put up a screen and a projector in the backyard on a fence or tied between trees. It's an incredible way to make a typical movie night outstanding. Plus, the kitchen isn't far away so you can refill your popcorn and drinks anytime you need. Here are some more ideas about how you can make your backyard movie night sensational as well as a how-to about setting up a movie screen.

Backyard movie ideas


Host an epic sporting event

Whether it be kickball, whiffle ball, a classic field day or volleyball, there are tons of fun games you can play at the local park. Get some serious family bonding time in by forming a team of family and close friends and matching up against others. If you prefer, you don't even have to go anywhere and can host a field day in the back yard! Set up stations, keep score and have treats ready for the winner and all competitors to enjoy together after a long day in the sun. Check out 17 awesome field day ideas for kids.

Take game night outdoors

Summertime fun means staying up late. Before early bedtimes begin once again, spend some time together when the sun sets by playing games with glow-in-the-dark sticks and rings! You can set up a ring toss by converting a croquet stick into a ring toss goal or with an existing horseshoe setup. If you need to start from scratch, any inch-thick dowel from a hardware store will do. You can even tape glow sticks around the dowel to help participants see better. Then all you need are glow rings to toss.

If throwing games aren't your cup of tea, you can try playing with glow rings for nighttime hopscotch or to highlight the dots on a Twister board. Just use your imagination and the fun will last well into the evening.

Glow in the dark yard games


Make a splash with a water fight

Water balloons can be messy, wasteful and sometimes leave a mark or two if the throw is too strong. Get rid of all of these downsides of water fights and ensure that everyone has a blast when you make these sponge bombs! Made with household dish sponges that are cut and bound together, they're a reusable, soft and wet and wild arsenal to have on hand when the weather heats up or you need a fun activity. Plus, you can play games with them or have an old fashioned water fight. The choice is up to what kind of fun your family loves most.

Keep the fun coming!

Just because August ends, doesn't mean the family fun has to! Based off of a summertime boredom jar, you can take that idea and twist it into a family fun jar full of ideas about exciting ways you can spend time together. Gather some popsicle sticks and sharpies and have everyone in your household write down 10 ideas (or as many as you'd like) for fun activities. From mini golfing to going to the beach to making cookies and more, there are endless ways you can enjoy each others' company and keep your activity list fresh throughout the year.

You can even color code the top of the sticks or what kind of Sharpie you use to make categories like "dining," "outdoor/active," "rainy day" and more. This will help you blindly choose an activity but still be able to decide what type of activity makes the most sense for the day.

Family fun jar ideas


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