Say Happy Father’s Day with These Sweet Gift Ideas

Maybe your dad taught you how to ride a bike, throw a mean curve ball, root for the home team or grill a perfect steak. Whatever it may be, Father's Day is coming up and it's time to show the men in our lives how special we truly think they are! If your dad has a big sweet tooth and a lively funny bone, surprise him with some of these DIY candy gifts this Father's Day.

Fathers Day M&M's

Edible bow ties
Dress up an already delicious candy with a bit of ribbon and a handmade card and you'll have a fantastic Father's Day gift for your old man. All you need to do is pick your Dad's favorite type of M&Ms, tie a ribbon around the middle of the packet and vois la! A thoughtful and delicious gift your dad will love as much as you love him. Find the full set of directions here.
Homemade "6-pack"
Pop open one of these bottles and your dad will find an alternative surprise to a typical brew. Simply recycle a 6-pack of beer or soda, clean and dry the bottles thoroughly, stuff them with your dad's favorite candies and customize the labels and carton to fit his personality. You can go fancy or simple. The choice is up to you! Read the step-by-step directions here.

My Pop rocks candies!
You don't have to overcomplicate anything to show your dad how much you care. With this simple DIY gift idea, all you need to do is order some Pop Rocks candies, tie them together with some ribbon and create your own little card that says, "My Pop rocks!" He'll get a chuckle out of it and the fun of eating one of the craziest candies out there.

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Customized candy wrappers
Customize your father's favorite candy bars with some of these printable candy bar wrappers! With their fun play on words and thoughtful sentiment, they're sure to please your dad. Print a couple of these off at home and simply tape or glue them around the candy bar of your choice and you'll have a tasty and thoughtful gift bag stuffer that will remind your dad of how much you care.



Delicious dress up
Is your dad dapper? Does he love to don a good suit? Is he often complimented for his good taste? Then why not dress up your gift to him to show him how much you admire his sense of style? With this DIY suit and tie candy bar wrapper tutorial, you'll be able to turn any regular candy bar into one of the best dressed and most delicious gifts your dad has ever received. With some careful cutting, precise folding and artful application, your sweet gift will become even more impressive and memorable.



"You're the best Pop!" labels
If you're on the hunt for one last gift basket stuffer for your dad but are running out of time, then these adorable printable labels are here to save the day! The only thing you need to do is pick up a case of the soda your dad loves most, print off a sheet of these labels and stick them onto the cans or bottles. With the fun message and manly mustache they're the perfect addition to any present. These personalized labels also make a great addition to a Father's Day dinner or get together. Set these sodas out on the table to remind everyone who you're celebrating and to add an extra "pop" of fun!

Tasty tackle box
If your dad loves to fish and snack on sweets, this edible tackle box is a great DIY gift for him. Simply order a bag of gummy worms, Swedish Fish and other fishing themed candies and you'll be ready to stuff a plastic tackle box with amazing goodies he'll love. Then use your creativity to draw or print off a label and this yummy gift will be ready to unwrap.



Dad's "stache"
Whether you're part of a big or small family, everyone loves to have something to call their own. With this Dad's "stache" printable jar label, you can create a personalized candy jar just for your father. Not only will he be able to enjoy it on Father's Day, but it can remain on the counter or in the pantry throughout the year as a constant reminder of how much his family appreciates him.

BBQ Cupcakes
Fire up the grill (or oven in this case) and get ready to bake something truly original for Father's Day! These BBQ cupcakes are full of thoughtfulness and deliciousness. Topped with gummy bears, chocolate, frosting and more and designed to look like a grill, your BBQ-loving dad will gobble them up. You can either follow the recipe exactly or customize the cookie type and candy category to match your dad's favorite flavors. Whatever you do, this culinary wonder will be a hit.



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