Sweet and Easy DIY Candy Jars for Valentine’s Day

DIY Candy Jar for Valentines Day

Let's be honest here, we both know that you cut a few corners last Valentine's Day. Sure, the chocolate and flowers were nice and all, but store bought tokens of affection will only take you so far. This is the 21st century. Craftiness is no longer a virtue when it comes to valentines – it's a standard. So if you really want to show that special someone that you care this holiday, you're going to need to step up your game and get hands-on with your valentine. These diy candy jars are one way to achieve that.

The good news is that making a Pinterest-perfect valentine for your sweetheart is a lot easier than you might think. Take these awesome DIY candy jars for instance. Loaded with an artful mix of Valentine's Day candy and decorated like something pulled from Martha Stewart's scrapbook, you'd never guess that they cost less than $25 to craft. Easy, adorable and affordable, they make an awesome DIY valentine for any would-be Romeo or Juliet with a few hours to kill and a few bucks in their pocket. So if you really want to impress those special somebodies this Valentine's Day then just grab your craft kit and build your own little vessels of love. Here's how.

DIY Candy Jars – What You'll Need

For the Jars

Vacuum-Seal Mason Jars
Heart-Themed Craft Paper
Decorative Tissue Paper
Foam Craft Hearts
Patterned Ribbon

For the Candy

Valentine's M&Ms
Candy Hearts
Cinnamon Hearts

The building materials for this project might seem exotic but we were able to find everything we needed at Jo-Ann Fabrics for about $15. You should be able to do the same. If you don't have a craft store nearby then try picking up the materials online a week or so in advance.


1. Cut out the Topper


Using an X-Acto knife, trace the "ring"_x009d_ portion of each mason jar lid on your patterned craft paper. This will give you a perfect cut-out to top your diy candy jars with.

2. Cut the Tissue Paper


Cut out a 4″_x009d_ x 4″_x009d_ square of decorative tissue paper for each jar.

3. Assemble the Lids


Sandwich the tissue paper so that it covers the "plate"_x009d_ portion of the lid and is covered by the "ring"_x009d_ portion of the lid. This will give your jars a decorative fringe without compromising the seal.
After the tissue paper is in place, glue the craft paper toppers to the lids using rubber cement or another strong adhesive. Let dry for 30 minutes.

4. Attach the Hearts


Using double-sided tape or rubber cement, attach the foam hearts to the jars.

5. Fill with Candy


Layer the M&Ms and candy hearts until the jar is 2/3 full. Then add three or four jelly hearts.

6. Seal ‘Em Up


Screw on the jar lids. Using a ribbon, tie a bow around the exposed metal portion of the lid. Then pat yourself on the back, because you just made an awesome DIY valentine!
At this point, you can hand the diy candy jars out as-is or you can personalize them with name tags or a sharpie. It's up to you. All we know is that the sweethearts in your life are going to melt at the center when they see how thoughtful and creative you've been. And really, isn't that what Valentine's Day is all about?

Share Your V-Day Ideas


Got an awesome Valentine's Day project of your own? Share it with us! If we like it, we'll post it on the blog just like we did with Stacey B.'s Rock Candy Christmas Tree. We can't wait to see what you guys come up with!

Happy Valentine's Day,

The CandyStore.com Team

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